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Maria Dolors Farrés


Maria Dolors Farrés has a degree in Communication Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She was born in Vic in 1962 and presently lives in Vilanova de Sau (Osona).

She has extensive experience working as a journalist for the written media in the Osona region and has produced more than four thousand interviews and reports in which are notably present her favourite subjects of literature and science. Nonetheless, her great passion is radio and it is here that she contributes with the knowledge and experience she acquired when working with the editorial staff of the magazine Setmanari Ausona. Her programmes and magazine specials contain a considerable proportion of interviews with writers and doctors specialising in the most diverse fields.

Although she wrote her first (unpublished) novel at the age of 23 (Sis anys sense claror), she did not publish any further work until 1995, the year in which two of her books appeared: Ciutat ambre (published by Columna) and El Pla del Remei, published in the Collection "Els Barris d'Adigsa" of the Department of Social Welfare of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia. In 2008 she published the novel El monestir de l'amor secret (Proa), shortlisted for the Sant Jordi Prize. In 2017 she published El Càstig (Punto Rojo), her fourth novel, and in 2018 the novel L'hora quieta, the original and complete version of El monestir de l'amor secret. Farrés is not particularly interested in everyday matters (in life or literature), which is reflected in her books and stories.

Farrés is a member of Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (Association of Catalan Language Writers).

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