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Pere Martí i Bertran


Pere Martí i Bertran (Sant Quirze de Besora, Osona, 1952) is author of several children's and teenager's literature books, with a realistic style characterized by a predominance of environmental subjects, plots involving animals and richly elaborated texts. One could higlight En Griset (1997), En Griset aventurer (2000), Les tortugues de l'àvia (2001), La tortuga d'en Hans (2004), Els tresors del bosc (2005), L'avi ocellaire (2006), En Roger i el xoriguer (2009), La Mariona Perquès (2009), Paraules bessones (2010) and Endevinalles per a tothom (2014), among others. Some of his work has been edited in Braille and translated into Basque, Galician and Spanish. Pere Martí i Bertran has also translated several works from French and Spanish into Catalan.

Until 2013 he worked as a Catalan language and literature professor at the secondary education. He has been collaborating in several cultural magazines and reviews, where he has published numerous articles on teaching and critiques of children's and teenager's literature. He has also worked as an editorial consultant, as a juror in literary awards, and in the organization of conferences, congresses and several events about literature.

He has been a member of the literary section of the "Institut d'Estudis Penedesencs" (2002-2007), of the "Consell Assessor de la Llengua Catalana a l'Escola" for the committee for the "Didàctica de la Literatura" (from 2007), of the "Grup de Treball del Projecte Cànon de la Institució de les Lletres Catalanes" (from 2008), and of the committee responsible for the "Pla de Lectura de Centre del Departament d'Educació" (from 2009), among others.

He is a member of Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana.

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