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Ferran Torrent


Ferran Torrent (Sedaví, Horta, 1951) is a writer and journalist.

No emprenyeu el comissari (1984), Penja els guants, Butxana (1985) and Un negre amb un saxo (1987), are the first novels of a successful production that situates the author as one of the most important Genre Literature's writer in Catalan language. One could highlight novels such as Gràcies per la propina (1994), awarded the Sant Jordi Prize, Societat limitada (2002), awarded the Joan Crexells, the Premi Nacional de la Crítica and the Crítica Serra d'Or Prizes, and Bulevard dels Francesos (2010), among many others.

With a style that passes through black and customary novel, the author has created, novel after novel, a fiction world with characters that portrait the most corrupt and shameless contemporary Valencian underworld. All this with the typical language from de Horta province and the city of València, and a very personal style, rich and modern, with agile and incissive dialogues.

As a journalist, he has constanty taken part in the media through articles, chronicles and radio programmes. He has also participated in radio, cinema and television scripts, and four of his novels have been adapted to cinema.

His work has been translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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