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Sebastià Alzamora


Sebastià Alzamora (Llucmajor, Mallorca, 1972) is a writer, literary critic and cultural manager. He has a degree in Catalan Philology from the University of the Balearic Islands (1995) and combines his literary work with academic activity and cultural management. As a young writer, he soon became known as a solid and bold voice in the Catalan literary panorama, a voice that was at once innovative and well-grounded in the classics. His works tend to portray a society in decadence where the characters disclose their existential doubts. He is part of the peer group known as "Els Imparables" (The Unstoppables), along with Hèctor Bofill and Manuel Forcano, with whom he published the programmatic essay entitled Dogmàtica imparable: Abandoneu tota esperança (Unstoppable Dogmatics: Abandon All Hope, 2005).

He first made his name with the collection of poems Rafel (1994) after which he published, among other works, Apoteosi del cercle (Apotheosis of the Circle, 1997), Mula morta (Dead Mule, 2001) and El benestar (Well-being, 2003). Some of his poems have appeared in joint anthologies, for example Imparables (Unstoppables, 2004). He has published the novels L'extinció (Extinction, 1999), Sara i Jeremies (Sara and Jeremies, 2002), La pell i la princesa (The Skin and the Princess, 2005), Nit de l'ànima (2007), Crim de sang (2012), Dos amics de vint anys (2013) and La Malcontenta (2015), along with the essay Gabriel Janer Manila: L'escriptura del foc (Gabriel Janer Manila. Writing of Fire, 1998), and has contributed short stories in a number of collective volumes. Sebastià Alzamora's work has been widely recognised with major prizes and has been translated into Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Hebrew and Slovenian.

He is also a regular contributor in different areas of the mass media and many scientific and cultural reviews, including Serra d'Or, Lluc, El Mirall, El Temps, Avui, Diari de Balears, Diario de Mallorca, El Singular Digital and Catalunya Ràdio.

He is a member of AELC (Association of Catalan Language Writers).

Web page: Guillem Molla for AELC.
Photographs: ©Jordi Garcia, ©Ernest Albentín, ©José Mª de Llobet.
Translation: Julie Wark.

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