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Fina Anglès i Soronellas


Fina Anglès i Soronellas (l'Aleixar, Baix Camp, 1956), worked in the world of banking from a very early age while also completing her university studies. After obtaining a degree in Catalan Philology, she decided to work as a teacher and in the domains of literature and cultural research. 

With a senior post in secondary education and a lecturship at the Rovira i Virgili University (Tarragona), she has written several children's books: Codolenc, el gegant (Rocky the Giant, 1991 and 1999); L'endemà i el senyor Anselm (Tomorrow and Mr. Anselm, 1995); Un dia d'aventura (A Day of Adventure, 1997); Bella lluna treu el nas...(Beautiful Moon Shows Her Face..., 2005); Bella lluna fa l’ullet… (Beautiful Moon Winks, 2008); and Bella lluna et somriu… (2018); and the story "Salou: la ciutat on tot és possible" (Salou: The Town Where Everything is Possible) in the book Salou, 6 pre-textos IV (Salou, Six Pre-texts IV (2008). She also wrote the cantatas Allò que no podia ser(What Couldn't Be), which was premiered in 2000 with music by Xavier Sans; Foc, foc, xip, xap, xop (Fire, Fire, Bing, Bang, Bong – winner of the Prize for the Best Children’s Show, Tarragona 2001) with music by Josep Baucells and premiered in 2000; Nit de Nits (Night of Nights) also with music by Josep Baucells, premiered in Vic in 2006 and published in 2007; and the poem Un topant prop del camí (A Place Near the Path), with music by Baltasar Bibiloni, premiered in Cambrils in 2008. Moreover, she has participated with texts for children (at literary dinners and afternoon teas) in Tarragona-based initiatives linking literature and gastronomy: Lletres a Taula ("Letters at the Table" – Tardor literària (Literary Autumn), 2004, 2005 and 2007), La Lletra Petita (Small Print, 2006) and Amb gust de Lletra (Tasting Like Writing, 2010). She has also taken part and takes part, periodically, in the ILC's reading promotion programs: "Lletres a les aules" and "Autors a les aules".

In February 2006 she published the essay Un passeig amb els sentits, de la natura a l'art. Itinerari a l'Aleixar i Maspujols amb l'obra de Joaquim Mir i Marià Manent (A Walk with the Senses, from Nature to Art. Route to Aleixar and Maspujols with the Work of Joaquim Mir i Marià Manent), which includes a DVD and is the result of more than fifteen years' study and analysis of the links between the paintings of Joaquim Mir and the writings of Marià Manent with the landscapes of Aleixar and Maspujols. Since 2006 she has been director and guide of the Mir-Manent pictorial-literary route through these landscapes of the Camp de Tarragona region, is actively engaged in research, and has joined the cultural education group Còdol working on the route called Exploradors d'Art, which is the format of the Mir-Manent Route for primary school children and families. 

In May 2013, after five years of research, she published, together with Jordi Vergés, the essay Orgues del Camp de Tarragona i les Terres de l’Ebre, which draws attention to this artistic heritage of the whole Tarragona region while, in November 2016 and together with other authors, she published Univers Manent, Homenatge a la figura i obra d’Albert Manent i Segimon, which appeared with an exhibition of the same title which she curated jointly with Eugeni Perea. 

She has also been commissioned by publishers to write reading and educational guides for secondary school pupils. She has written about the history and culture of Aleixar, some of these works being co-authored with J. M. Ventós. Again, she has written didactic material for the Education for Healthy Eating Programme (EDAL) of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the Rovira i Virgili University (Tarragona), she has participated in initiatives related to visual arts, and has also devoted herself to lexical analysis of the words and terminology she has collected, as well as analysis of oral literature.  

Since January 2017 she has been publishing opinion pieces in El Punt/Avui. 

She is a member of the Associació d'Escriptors de Llengua Catalana (AELC – Association of Catalan Language Writers).  

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Translation: Julie Wark. 
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