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Isidre Martínez Marzo


Isidre Martínez Marzo (Valencia, 1964) is a poet and translator who presently lives in Dénia (la Marina Alta). He obtained a degree in Catalan Philology in 1990 and has since worked as a corrector and translator, while also writing for a range of periodical publications such as Daina, L'Espill, Avui and Levante. He has been on the advisory board of the review Reduccions since 2007 and presently teaches Catalan Language and Literature.

At an early age he was attracted by poetry and, when he was only twenty-two, he was awarded the Senyoriu d'Ausiàs March de Beniarjó Prize for his collection of poems La casa perduda (The Lost House, 1986). He has published nine other collections of poems since then. In 2005, he received the Carles Riba Prize for his collection of poems entitled Hostes (Hosts). A declared Anglophile, he has translated poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins, as well as poems by Dylan Thomas in Poesia Reunida (Collected Poems), which is as yet unpublished. He has also published the novel Cementiri dels Anglesos (The English Cemetery, 2008).

His work has appeared in the anthologies Ser del segle (Being of the Century, 1989), Camp de mines (Minefield, 1991), and, more recently in Imparables (Unstoppables, 2004). Some of his poems have been translated into Italian, Spanish, Slovenian and German.

Web page: Abel Ramon Vidal for AELC.
Translation: Julie Wark.
Photographs: Author's personal files and Natxo Francès.